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  A Touch of Class Limos started business November 1, 1988.       
   Where has  time gone?  It seems as if we blinked our eyes and now realize almost 25 years have passed. 
  We've lasted  in  the limo business   longer than most all others in the area.  
  TIME FLIES BY..............Couples from 20- 21 years ago now call us to request prom limos for their children! 

   Classic Style mid-90s limo was a popular wedding vehicle in 2011 and  2012 weddings.  
  Many combine  Classic Style 10 pax with    '63 Bentley Princess.  
  (Makes a great procession and  adds a special ambiance to your photos.)

 Classic Style limo costs less than most other limos and is very well-maintained.
  Couples have told us the Classic Style Limo holds its own next to late model limos and it's a great way
  to reduce wedding day expenses.  
 More Wedding Hints included on our sister site:  www.PocketWeddingGuide.com   

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www.PocketWeddingGui Wedding Day Transportation -  by  Maria Lanides

Transportation on a wedding day started with using someone’s car ”that was nicer looking” than your own.   The bride and her father usually rode in “that nicer looking car” to  ceremony and  bride and groom rode in “that nice looking car” to   reception. 

In 1989, usually only bride and bridesmaids were transported to  ceremony and maybe 50% of the time   bride also arranged for bridesmaids to be transported to reception.  Approximately 25% of t grooms and their groomsmen were transported to ceremony and to reception.   Since most of the time groomsmen drove their own cars to  ceremony - they happily drove   bridesmaids to  reception.  

In 2006 - Brides started to be more careful with spending for their wedding day.   The weakening  economy influenced brides to seek other means of transportation for their wedding day.    Brides began to realize  that members of their bridal party friends and family, and brides no longer felt they had to try to impress them with   most expensive and newest vehicles.   Many started to order  older vehicles because they were less cost.

Brides and their bridal parties ride in all sorts of vehicles to the ceremony…. large and small, old and new.   Not only do  bride and groom get transported to  ceremony and reception… but entire bridal party is also transported to ceremony and to  reception.   Ten passenger Limos are still the favorite means of transportation because one limo can be sent for  groom and groomsmen and one limo can be sent for bride and bridesmaids.  The more expense larger vehicles  (Excursions and  Hummers, etc.) have enough room in one vehicle to transport everyone in bridal party to  reception were popular as well.    Quite often, a  lower cost  sedan  transports  bride to ceremony and bride and groom to reception. 

Starting in 2007   it became a whole different ballgame.   Companies closed their Hummer divisions and many companies sold their larger SUV limos.   Large expensive limos gave way to bus coaches.   Couples wanted parents to ride along with wedding party to take photos.     Parents and Grandparents expressed  they felt more a part of  wedding day (even if they didn't get off the bus at the photo location)  when they rode along with wedding party to photo and reception locations.  

 Limos are still popular but  20-54  passenger wedding coaches have taken over as #1 choice for wedding transportation.  
#1 Advantage of bus coaches is -  no more climbing over others to get to your seat  which means no more torn dresses and veils!
Couples use  same  wedding coach to transport  wedding party and transporting wedding guests.    
Combining use for wedding party  and shuttling guests - saves a great deal of money for  wedding couples and their families.      
      For funny short video on why it is more fun & best to go in a group.....click on photos below!

     cid:image014.jpg@01CD0048.1B7462B0           cid:image015.jpg@01CD0048.1B7462B0     cid:image013.jpg@01CD0048.1B7462B0    You can't view photos/Videos on Smart Phone or other hand held computers,
                                                                     Also send email from home or school computer so you can view photos/videos.

 Most wedding planning books state that it is the groom’s responsibility to arrange for wedding day transportation.    However, it is best for couples  to sit down with the parents and discuss who will be covering which expenses.   My experience has been that the couples and parents arrange transportation!


Thoughts to ponder:

 1.)  During prom season - many couples arrange for 7 pax + driver SUVs  if wedding pick up is 3:30pm and later.  Prom pick ups start at 4pm 3rd week of April - 3rd week  of June.

When wedding pick ups are after 3:30pm - most likely couples can expect much higher wedding transportation cost during prom season.
 There are never enough limos available on any given prom night so when a wedding ceremony starts after 2:30pm - expect higher rates.   

 If  wedding is during prom season, try to schedule ceremony no later than  2 pm so you don’t have problems arranging transportation.  A 2pm ceremony means cocktail hour starts at
4 pm and candlelight dinner starts between 5 and  6pm.    A 2 pm wedding ceremony is always a great time because bride and groom have whole day and evening to celebrate.  

 2.)  Arrange in advance for someone in  bridal party to be responsible for checking for items  that might be left inside limo and trunk  when they exit vehicle at ceremony as well as upon arrival at reception location.    Assigning someone to take care of this matter will certainly avoid stress for bride on her wedding day.

 3.)  It is best to have  cash envelope ready at 1st pick up location for each driver.    Upon arrival at the reception,  family and wedding party are ready to celebrate and no one is thinking about driver's tip.     It  is best to distribute all tip envelopes  on arrival so that you don't forget.     

 4.)  Certain situations  are often referred to as "limo horror stories".   These "horror" stories are exaggerated and expanded many times over.   When someone tells me about a horror story....I expect names, dates and locations - otherwise I don't listen.  Mot times this information is unavailable and  that is why they are called "stories".   Transportation company representatives and  all other suppliers to the wedding day  want  everything to go right for  the couple on their wedding day.

 5.) Transportation companies work with people, machines, traffic and weather.   All companies endeavor to be on time for all pick ups - but machines are machines...and as such...even with preventable maintenance....limos do have breakdowns.   Weather conditions also affect timeliness.  

 6.)  Arrival time  should not be same as Leave time.    Always best to state a separate arrival time and a separate leave time rather than a pick up time for weddings.   Vehicles can not arrive and leave at the same time.   It takes time to get everyone in to a limo.   To save money....most families cut this  time too short and don't want limo to arrive too early.    However, it is best to schedule at least 15-20  minutes between arrival and leave time  at both bride and groom's pick up location which can  avoid late problems.  

 7.)  Weather and accidents can affect the timeliness of your scheduled limo:      The driver, dispatcher and owner all feel bad and are upset when a vehicle  is delayed.   Again, the driver, dispatcher and owner did not arrange for a heavy downpour or an accident just so your limo would be late.  A transportation company can go weeks and weeks without one even minor problem.   When something does occur,  please stay calm and  try not to attack, threaten or scream at  your driver, dispatcher or transportation  company owner.    All companies try to resolve problems as soon as possible.  

 8.)  Limos are vehicles just like your own vehicle:  Limo companies do as much preventative maintenance as possible - but parts can break down at any time just as can happen with your own vehicle.   Often there is enough time to make a repair and still be on time.    Whenever possible, limo companies try to substitute another vehicle when something happens to your scheduled limo.  In this less than perfect world, it is just not economically feasible to always have an extra vehicle just sitting around…..for the very few times a breakdown happens.    A driver can go for 8 weeks to weddings and night out customers without being late and then something happens to make him 10 minutes late for one wedding.   

 During warm weather - On occasion  problems occur with AC in any type of large vehicle including limos and buses.   Manufacturers put the same size AC unit in a 10 passenger limo as is in your own sedan.  If AC doesn't work properly - most importantly - stay calm and driver will have you at ceremony or reception as soon as possible.  
In  warm weather.......offer water to all passengers before time to leave bride or groom pick up location.   Passengers will feel cooler whether AC works or not.   Limos/Coaches are machines and no matter how much preventative maintenance a company does........we know there will be AC problems in the warm months.

Please - stay calm so you enjoy your day.   If Ac doesn't work, or a driver is late....it won't ruin your day   Yes - it can be an unwanted inconvenience but things happen  - even when we don't expect something to happen.    
Be determined not to let anything bother you on your wedding day - and you'll set a pattern to follow for years to come!

 Keep everything in perspective.  It  does no good to  crucify the driver, dispatcher and company owner if  AC doesn't work or if your driver is late.   None of them want a breakdown to occur and yelling at driver, calling office and yelling at dispatcher and owner do not help the situation.   Even though drivers, dispatchers and owners can understand  and empathize with wedding couple  and  family’s frustration when a problem arises……..the frustration does not justify an attack on any one of them or on all of them.   

 As an owner - I am crushed when something goes wrong.   All suppliers work diligently to have everything go right......until Murphy's law takes over.     Understandably most parents and wedding couples don't always allow enough time prior to leaving pick up location  to get to ceremony because they don't want their quoted wedding cost to go up.    Understandably most drivers - because  last 15 pick ups went as scheduled........don't anticipate a delay.      Ideally an extra 20 minutes should be allowed to accommodate delays - but that isn't always feasible.   
   See bottom of page for more info on AC in vehicles.

 9,)  Extra Vehicle available:    If and when a problem does occur……and transportation company is not able to locate a replacement vehicle – it is a good idea to have extra vehicles at   pick up location……..  to transport group to ceremony  so that wedding group can arrive as close to “on time” as possible…..with the least amount of stress.   Most of the time…..when a problem with  limo occurs……if it can’t be fixed in time to use to transfer wedding group  to ceremony…….  usually the problem is rectified soon after ………and the limo gets to   ceremony location – so that when newlyweds come out…….the limo can take group to   reception..

Again, most important is to try to stay calm.   Every limo company dispatcher, owner and all drivers feel extremely terrible when a breakdown happens or something unforeseen causes  vehicle to be late.     Limos are machines and machines do have breakdowns.     Most limo companies maintain a 4-6% margin of error.   No matter what margin of error.....when a problem occurs……..you can either look at bottom side….that limo was late or that a breakdown occurred.   Or you can look at top  side - which is...  limo was late or a mechanical breakdown occurred….but  problem didn’t cause physical harm to anyone in your group.  

 10.)  If limo is late because of circumstances beyond transportation company's control.........and substitute limo….is accepted  and used…..to transfer individuals to  ceremony and/or reception – there is no cash  refund.     

Limo companies do not give a cash refund when vehicle is accepted and used….but usually will offer a few hours of free service to acknowledge they understand client’s frustration  when circumstances beyond their control caused your reserved vehicle to be late. 

 11.)    Refunds, if any -  On rare occasions - If a company for some reason misses transferring  you  to ceremony....usually there is a 1/3 cash refund due.   If vehicle  takes you to ceremony and is at ceremony and somehow the limo overheated and won't start to get you to reception....then there usually is a 1/3 cash refund due because  trip to reception was missed.    This type of situation is an example of what is beyond our control and deserves a cash refund for that portion of service that was not received.  .    

All service:  After vehicle accepted & used for any portion of contract. - Refunds, if and when reasons are justified, are only given in form of service credits.      Couples/parents should not hold a limo company   liable for delays/service interruptions or damages caused by acts of God,  authorities of law,  inclement weather, hazardous road conditions, accidents or breakdowns or any other condition beyond its control. 

However, when  a problem occurs and client reserved/paid for vehicle  that didn’t arrive as requested and no other substitute vehicles is available from same transportation company…. It stands to reason that a cash refund would be due.

 12.)  Whether free service is donated to a fund raising group or if a client receives free service because a problem occurred on their wedding day,  recipients of the free service more often than not pay for gas and minimum tips to driver.

 Limos were the "thing" for all weddings in the 90s.   Transportation trends have evolved and  today  couples planning their wedding request an assortment of  limos, wedding coach/buses, SUVs and  sedans  to transport  couples,  parents and wedding party to ceremony and reception.   Wedding Coach/buses have an advantage because  passengers do not have to climb over other passengers to get to their seat.  

Yes,  over the past 20 years - transportation has come a long way!

 Most likely you already checked out everything for your wedding day.   However, keep your mind   open for new & fun ideas.   
  A Touch of Class  Wedding Shows are 1st to offer all  the newest Wedding Day trends!    Go to our sister site -    
     for wedding  planning    ideas and advice on  Building a Marriage.
   1.  On  same site check out Wedding Planning Hint # 12   "Lady-in-Waiting"  
         Scores of brides-to-be  and a few grooms have  emailed us to say their eyes filled with tears after reading this
        Remember, it is rude to  guests when either bride or groom is late for their wedding.
        Also, experts say:  Most likely brides risk  having a 10 month pregnancy if they are late for the wedding!
         Please - be on time - because  we wouldn't wish a 10 month pregnancy  on anyone!
   3.   For a glimpse back to remember your prom night -  - click Prom Info on home page to read short story on
          "An Almost Magical Prom Night"

    4Weddings that start before 3pm offer most amount of time for couples families-guests to enjoy the day!
    5.  Weddings on a prom night.  Best to schedule ceremony no later than 2:30pm.  Limited availability
         for various supplies on prom nights.   Expect higher transportation costs if arrival at reception after 4:30pm on a
         prom night.  Proms start 3rd week of April thru 2nd -3rd week of June.  
        Couples   often reserve the huge 7 pax + driver VANs & SUVs and  possibly a full size  sedan in place of limos to make sure
         they have affordable wedding transportation on a prom night.    Cost for 2 SUVs  usually less than one 14 pax SUV.

    6.  A Touch of Class Limos has maintained a "no-bump" policy for 24 + years.     Twelve out of 24 years,  we were mentioned on TV
         or in print describing how we rescued wedding couples  and prom students.
         Often these groups were   bumped for longer more lucrative orders!    Most Capital Region Limo Companies are reputable. 
         However, if you are told   something  happened to your vehicle   .....ASK WHERE vehicle  IS ....SO SOMEONE CAN CHECK IF TRULY
         Limos are machines and even though preventative maintenance schedules are followed....on rare   occasions....something can
         go wrong.   Also, when one thing goes wrong.....the "domino" effect takes over.
         Best to stay calm.


 Steps to take to reserve limo:

  1.  Email us as much information as possible:
       Wedding date, ceremony location, reception location, Pick up addresses,
         We will reply with a written quote via email to you.
          send email to: atoc@nycap.rr.comaatoctoc@nycap.rr.com 
  2.   After you receive our quote... we may exchange 2 -4 emails before you decide on a vehicle.
        EMAIL US  to let us know  you want to reserve a vehicle.  Follow up with signed  contract. 
  3.   Always best to email questions.
  4.   Please be patient with us on the phone, the information you give us will affect the most important day of your life.
  5.  After you send email to reserve  wedding limo(s) a $100 -$150 deposit may be required.   All deposits are non-
        refundable.     All balances are due one month prior to your wedding day.     Include  date of  wedding on all  
        Checks accepted one month prior to service date.   
  6.  No  cash refund if less than eight (8) weeks notice is given to cancel vehicle.   No Refund after vehicle accepted and
        used for any portion of agreed upon service.   Refunds, if & when justified,  only given in form of service credits.
        When there is a problem - paperwork is placed into a follow up file for  approximately 2 weeks so we can address

        problem   after newlyweds return from honeymoon.   
 A Touch of Class Limos was established in 1988.      Pax is abbreviation for passengers.
  In 2008, A Touch of Class expanded and has now has become the only local  transportation broker in the
 Capital Region Area.     For bus-Coaches and charters call Maria Lanides   518  312-8505.
  22-24 -30-32 - 46 and 54 pax vehicles. 
  A Touch of Class offers   an assortment of  limos  small and large groups for in-town and out-of-town events.    
  10 pax Limo & 18-20 pax Escalade.
  ALL quoted WEDDING RATES  are always 2-3 HR Packages
   if you want to reserve longer times.....state time requested in your email.
   We can process any over-time on your credit card.

 Ten Passenger White Super Stretched Lincoln   Late Model style  Limos   are available.      

      10 PASS CADDY Bride&groom.gif

    We also have a "Classic Style" mid-90s white super stretched Limo available at a much lower cost than late model limos. 
     Use of Classic Style Limo helps reduce wedding day expenses.   Classic rounded Style Limos blend  well with late model
      limos and  were most popular limo again for 2012-13 weddings & proms.


                 1963 Rolls Royce Austin-Bentley Princess - last model Rolls & Bentley built together.  Local use only. 
  Usually takes Mother, Father & Bride to Ceremony, and Bride and Groom to Reception.
  Vehicle has  Rolls Insignia on hood because it was last model Rolls and Bentley made together.


   Thank you for not giving us all sorts of threats when something mechanically goes wrong.  We practice
    preventative maintenance but still unexpected problems can occur with machines...and vehicles are machines!

   In the Capital Region Area, 10% of limos are still the boxy squared models.   Approx. 45% are the rounded
   mid 90's and approx 45% are the early to mid 2000 models.       
___________________ -

 NOTES:          Wedding Planning Hints by Maria Lanides
 Check out our sister site: www. PocketWeddingGuide.com for wedding day ideas.
   1.  Friday  and Sunday  weddings  are usually much less  expensive than a Saturday wedding!  
       Time of ceremony is most important.   Selecting a 1, 2 or 3pm ceremony  time is best for most seasons.   An early
       ceremony time  allows you to have most of  day/evening to celebrate!    Discuss ceremony time with 
       Bridal/Wedding   Consultant.    
       Prom Season:  best to schedule wedding 2 or 2:30pm latest.   You can still have a   "candlelight" dinner
       with  a 2 pm ceremony.    Keep in mind  - there is much more time  "to party"  at reception &"after" with  early z
        ceremony time.    
       Limit planning discussions to no more than 15 - 20  minutes to  avoid   arguments!

    2.    Guest List is 1st step.   Think in terms of  eight to a table - starting with family groups...... and list  your 8 names to
        a table    on one sheet of paper.    Your floor plan is almost done as you are doing your  guest list! 

    3.  After guest list complete.........then talk budget - and type of reception.    You may either have to cut # of guests
     or change type of   reception to fit your budget.       Parents on both side have a guest list.   Quite  often - couples 
     also have their own guest   list.     If it becomes necessary to cut number of guests.......be fair and delete names equally
      on all lists and don't expect all  the cuts to come  from parents' lists.
    4.   Reception Location:  You can find quality of service/food the same in many locations.    Cost and  names may be
      different and       in most cases - that is it!   Be cost effective in your wedding choices.   Once  the money goes out of
       your pocket - it is gone!   Go  easy with amount of hors d'oeuvres  - or guests won't finish  their main meal!

     5.   Cakes & Cookies:  200 guests -  order cake for 160   .......... because a "cookie and dessert" table is very
     popular and  guests only  want a small piece of cake so they can also sample the other desserts!   A small chocolate
      "bon-bon" table is fast becoming  popular for receptions and bridal showers!

     6.   Combining salad - fruit cocktail or shrimp ready on table for guests .......with stations around the  room offering
      assorted other   items has also become most popular.   A combination "station and sit down" dinner  is less cost than
      an entire sit down dinner!
     7.   Avoid large centerpieces that block guest's view across the table.     During dinner - keep music low so guests can
     carry on    conversations!
     8.   1st Anniversary "Destination Celebration".   Many couples are now scheduling a 1st Anniversary Destination
      Celebration instead of a Destination Wedding.    Discuss in advance with parents.  If parents want you to have a
      traditional wedding - they are only  thinking that it will be easier and less expensive for the family /friends
      to attend.   1st Anniversary "Destination Celebration"   is less cost for everyone.... than cost of  planning a
     Destination Wedding.    The 1st Anniversary event becomes a  planned fun vacation for everyone who can attend.   
    9.  Time of arrival at reception:   Weddings usually require 2-1/2 hours from ceremony time to arrival at reception
     time.  This    means  that with a 2 pm ceremony  most brides will arrive at their reception by 4 pm.   During Prom
     Season, expect to receive  much higher vehicle prices  - if arrival at reception is after 4  pm.    

  10. Most important - Listen to all ideas/advice.   If you want  - let some go through one ear and out the other and 
     just say   "thank you".          Remember - whatever you want to do is OK for your wedding day   but pleaseZ
      remember that your wedding day is a day to share        with family and friends.        
      It is always best to keep in mind  to include a few of your parents' wishes for your wedding day.


Air Conditioning ( Realities)

Twenty five years ago,  if at the last minute   AC didn't work - we would cancel vehicle and customer
as well as our company suffered.    Wedding Couples  & Prom students  were angry because  we cancelled....    
We've learned - Vehicles are machines and as such -  even though we practice preventative maintenance we can’t promise AC will always work well in  vehicles.   If AC doesn’t work or doesn’t work properly……. Stay calm and you will still have a wonderful  Prom,  Wedding,  or trip to Saratoga…….

Now – experience tells us – no matter what…..get to  customer and transport them as best as possible.    If there’s a problem with AC – we no longer cancel a limo  -  because it's still most important to get to  customer and transfer them to their  important event with or without AC working properly.   Stay calm and you'll feel cooler!

Of course we all want AC and most of the time  AC works most all the time in all vehicles.  AC in large vehicles (10 pax and larger) it's another story.  We've learned that by opening the front windows and opening back windows just a bit to circulate air  -  we can still get bride/groom to ceremony/reception or students to their prom - with minimal discomfort – with a breeze generated from the open front windows.  (Don't open back window too much so breeze doesn't mess hair!)

AC always  seems to work great in our  Sedans, Vans and  SUVs.   However - in larger 10 passenger and larger vehicles - including coach/buses- AC  at times present  problems.   Everyone’s body temperature goes up a little on prom and wedding days…so make sure you drink  water before leaving home and you'll stay cooler no matter what!. 

 When  doors open  ….    heat in winter rushes out  and in warm months cool air rushes out.   Your limo can take 5-7 minutes to cool down  or heat up again.   

For Weddings and Proms….On days with high humidity, If you have 8 in an eight  passenger or 10 in a ten passenger – the back compartment may not feel as cool as you’d like it to feel even after 10 minutes. Stay calm.   On hot days  the back compartment feels warmer because peoples body temp effects coolness because of number of passengers.   On hot days with high humidity 20 minutes isn't always enough time to cool back compartment if 8-10 passengers.   This is indeed a reality transportation companies must state to customers.     A door opens and all cool air or heat rushes out.   In winter - all heat can rush out even a window is open for just  a few minutes.

A fan can stop blowing the cool air or heat at any time.   This is a machine part.   On high humidity days, very warm  days the fan over works and then stops.  On Feb. 7, 2010 - with 0-5 degree weather after 1am  in Saratoga our back fan froze and didn't start working again until next day.   Same with new or old AC fans...they over heat and then stop working.    On occasion a Limo goes over a pot hole which causes a fuse to loosen and the AC stops.   Most of the time….AC will go back on a little while later.   There is no cash refund when AC doesn't work properly.   

 On high temperature days where humidity is also high....AC system gets over worked and often completely stops working.    Leaks in the system can occur at any time in new and older vehicles.   When clients first enter a limo, they are anxious and click all buttons.   Quite often the problem is that the heat button is pressed instead of AC.   Sometimes driver can add coolant to AC and that does the trick -   sometimes it doesn't.

 AC should be turned off when limo is idling.   Sometimes a client demands that the driver keep the AC on while idling 5 minutes.    When we do this….most often  the compressor dies and then we are without AC  the rest of the day and night.   The compressor can break on a new vehicle just as easy as on an older vehicle.  AC is a never ending problem for limo and bus  companies and that’s why we talk about it up front!

 No matter what preventative maintenance we do, AC is unpredictable and when problems occur, we ask driver and passengers to stay calm.   When AC stops  working – drivers get all upset as well as passengers.    Drivers will open both front windows… all the way… to allow  maximum breeze to circulate through to the back to make everyone as comfortable as possible.   In this situation, back windows should also be opened no more than  1 in. so that air is pulled from  front windows and circulates better.   We don't encourage opening  back windows more than 1  inch so that hair styles can stay intact.   

 Very rarely does AC fail but when it does......If everyone stays calm……you’ll feel the breeze from the drivers windows.    No one can predict when AC will fail.   On most wedding days and prom nights, there usually isn’t a replacement limo available.   If there is…..we most certainly try to exchange limos….if time and distance permits.

 AC is the one aspect of the limo/bus business that is a problem  every year during warm weather for all  transportation companies.   After 25years of experience,  we feel it is most important to address the AC problems up front.   When everyone stays calm………you’ll feel the heat much less… than when you let yourself get angry and upset.   Stay calm…and before you know it….you’ll be at your destination!  

In the heat….drivers get uncomfortable as well and try to do  everything possible to keep you comfortable.   Vehicles leave garage with heat and AC working.

True story.  A number of years ago, AC was not up to par in one of our limos on the way to the ceremony from a famous hotel in Saratoga.  During ceremony we found out it only needed more coolant.     The groom’s mother  angrily called us  and offered a few threats and a great deal more!   We  explained - it was beyond our control when a part breaks and we promised to  have a vehicle with AC at the church to take group to reception.   When we got back to church with another limo with AC working,  we discovered groom's mother ordered another limo   - and to get back at us-  they did so without letting us know! Remember, Vehicles are machines!   On the day mentioned above, the humidity was as high as  temperature.   During their reception when it was time to   announce the newlyweds - just as dinner was about to be served……the hotel’s air conditioning units also stopped working   because the humidity was so high.   Groom’s mother was again upset.   However,  bridal party and all  guests shrugged it off.  They all  had a great time. 
 Owner of A Touch of Class Limos was invited to  wedding but was deeply saddened by the vengeance displayed by the groom's mother when she stated family didn't want me to attend reception because  AC  didn't work well on way to ceremony.   I can only imagine when she said to the Saratoga Hotel.

Moral of the story is….. AC can go at any moment in any vehicle.   If you drink water before leaving - it really helps you stay cool - whether you have AC or not!… if you stay calm….you'll soon be having a great time on the short trip to your event.

REFUNDS  - Vehicles  leave garage with  AC (or heat) working.   After vehicle accepted  & used - Refunds, if and when justified,  are given only in form of service credits.   Cash refunds are not given when something goes wrong and the AC or heat  stops working.    As a courtesy to let passengers know the company understands….A Touch of Class Limos and most other companies    give courtesy service credits when deemed appropriate.   If we don't show up for service - a cash refund is justified.   If something happens and we must end  service - yes  a partial cash refund would be justified.    Certain types of problems deserve a refund, if and when justified, refunds are  only given  in form of service credits.   We want you happy.   We work with people, machines, traffic and weather.   We do proper maintenance but parts/machines do break and we never know when.  Often we cannot repair heat or AC problem until next day. 

 Many Brides & Prom goers  have told us they wished they had selected a lower weight gown for their  Wedding/Prom .   Many gowns use a heavier material than others…….keep weight of gown in mind when shopping for gowns…… especially for events  May – Oct..    Other customers have stated that with AC or without AC…. eight passengers in a ten passenger would have been much more comfortable…..which suggests….don’t crowd your group in warm months!

 We consider timeliness and safety in traveling - the most important issues.    It is not feasible to keep an extra limo in the garage just in case something goes wrong or ceases to function in a vehicle.   Sometimes – on way to a pick up or during service - AC or something else can cease to work.    We are not happy when something happens to a part in a vehicle…  but vehicles are machines and machines can develop problems at any time.    As stated in the beginning of this memo - "Eighteen and twenty years ago, - a  last minute when AC didn't work - we would cancel  limo and the customer as well as our company did suffer."   However, we've now learned customers/passengers are much happier when we show up instead of cancelling because something happened to AC.         

We certainly appreciate your business, patience and understanding.   Thank you.






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