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For funny short video on why it is more fun & best to go in a group on a bus/coach.....click on photos below!

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                                                                     Also send email from home or school computer so you can view photos/videos

EMAIL US  @ atoc@nycap.rr.com  -Best to send us email from a personal computer.
emails from i phones and other hand held computers don't come through well.
Name of School, grade, Prom Date, #of students, Walk-in location, Prom location, After-Prom Drop off  address
and we'll send rate information to you,.

Important to Forward information received from us -
to Everyone in your group   - 
 so students can go over all information with their parents

 PROM TRANSPORTATION - A Touch of Class Limos - Since 1988 - NY Capital Region 's Premiere and Most Reputable Transportations Service.



We set our rates in March to cover April-June bus/coach/limo supplier Rates which can vary from
 very low to very high during prom months.

NEED A PROM SPEAKER at your school?   Teacher-Student Prom Organizers:  Call  Maria Lanides 518-312-8505
Parent Teacher organizations can help by checking with other schools to find out dates of other school proms.
This way your school won't schedule their prom on an already busy prom night. 
Parent Teacher groups  can suggest to schools to release prom information the end of January so
parents and students have more time to plan for their proms.

Students shouldn't drive on prom night.  (See website for prom night memories.)
Statistics reported on Albany, NY TV stations in early May 2012 stated  1/3 of all accidents  involving students and alcohol happen on prom nights.

 Did you know?  Maria Lanides is also......the area's only local Transportation Broker 
   We constantly strive for a touch of class with all vehicles!     All suppliers are properly insured
   and meet all government regulations.

Anyone who has questions about the slanderous and inaccurate  Advocate Articles in the Albany Times
 Union is encouraged to email Maria Lanides at
limolady@nycap.rr.com   to arrange to view evidence we showed
 Advocate supportive information including where we stated 2 x 2 seating many times in our Prom Presentation. 
We also showed  evidence to Advocate supporting we didn't double book - all of which was not mentioned by
Advocate in his articles. 

Clear mention of  2 x 2 seating on bus/coaches is included  in 2-3 locations - every year in our Prom Presentation.

We always suggest our Prom presentation be forwarded to everyone in group so all parents/students
can view same.   
Evidently complaining prom parent didn't notice mention of 2 x 2 seating -

Did you know??    
A Touch of Class Limos has been in business since 1988 - which is longer than most all other area companies.
It is our 27th prom season and also our 5th year as  only local transportation broker in Capital Region Area.

Ask us   to find prom transportation for your group of students (whether it be 4 or 50 students)
 "let our fingers do your walking"  
No need for you to make the calls when we can look for you! 
We  contact transportation companies by email and quickly locate vehicle availability for your group.
We email choices available - you make your decision and let us know. 

 We  transfer students to walk-in or gawking hour at their school, to their prom and to their after prom event.
 All students are dropped  within 15-20 minutes of prom start time (schools have asked us to comply). 
 We return at prom end time to take students to their  local  after prom event.

Students usually saunter out within 15 -25 minutes of end of prom and we leave shortly thereafter..
 We  transfer students directly to their local after prom event. 
If prom ends  midnight  - students are usually dropped  at after prom event before 1am.     
 If prom ends  11pm  - students are usually dropped  at after prom event before midnight

 Note:  On very rare occasions - when an emergency arises    we will pull a vehicle from prom students who have their prom at a hotel 
 because we know students  will be supervised in the hotel lobby while they wait for us to return.   
Again - on rare occasions - if your students has a prom at a hotel and an emergency causes us to return late.........
be assured
we'll arrange for hotel staff to keep eye on students inside their lobby until limo arrives. 
We will also call both student & hotel rep every  5-6 minutes  to make sure students are safe inside until limo arrives.    

Most all bus/limo companies, including A Touch of Class Limos, reserve right to substitute vehicle in order to complete an order.
 Please do not let your students drive on prom night.  
Statistics reported on Albany, NY TV stations in early May 2012 stated 1/3 of all accidents
 involving students and alcohol happen on prom nights.
  bus-coaches  are fast becoming preferred method for Prom Transportation .

Encourage students to group travel to and from proms on buses to reduce prom night expenses. 
It's a form of bullying when  students put pressure on other students to spend more than they should for transportation. 
Traveling on a bus  - at low cost - offers extra fun for Prom students.

Limos are affordable for groups of 8 - 10  passengers and are available when ordered early.

For larger groups............

Save money -   reserve a bus/coach so you can lower cost per student !
In 2012 - certain 14 pax limos cost $1400 - $1500 + tip and often we obtained
30 pax bus/coaches at same rate as 14 pax limo- w
hich means per student cost is lower on bus/coach!

Prom Transportation costs are "affordably low" when groups use a Bus/Coach.
 Groups still
sit with who they want at Proms in tables of 8 - 10 and 12 even if they order a 54 passenger Bus/Coach.

Click on any of the  3 pictures below to view
a short -
fun video about advantages of going in a group!




Party Experts:   Contact us
if you need help planning  Proms, Homecoming events  and Teacher Retirement Parties.      
Interns:  A Touch of Class Limos & Marketing always needs office interns and/or Community Service Volunteers for
our Wedding shows.    Call Maria Lanides, Show Manager, at  518 438-4753  for further info.

______________ -

Section 1    Intro         Section 2    Parents & Student Info - Parents/Students - Block Party - Reserve Early
Section 3    NYS Law re Alcohol/Smoking  and A Touch of Class Policy 
   -   Albany County Stop-DWI Program  message to Prom students & parents:
    "Create memories, not regrets.  Celebrate sober."  
Section 4    Procedure for Reserving Vehicles -
Non-refundable Deposits/Payments/Cancellation/Refunds
Section 5    Prom Transportation Choices - 
Most popular are Bus/Coaches, 10 Passenger  Limos,
                           6 Passenger SUVs/Vans & 4 pax Sedans

Section 6  
  How to Email us to obtain  rates for assortment of vehicles:     Section 7     Ideas on how to Earn extra Prom $$$
Section 8:
    Notes &  Refund Policy & Copy of   Contract

Section 9:    Fun reading for Parents/prom students  
Short Stories  by Maria Lanides -   Click on  story title 
"Memories of the 1950s"  -  Writer's memories of  late 1950's  at Albany High School.
                                     "An Almost Magical Prom Night"  -  Second part of Memories of the 1950s
                                                 Writer's memories of  AHS Blue Moon Prom 1957.

Section 1:  Intro -
                            1980s        -  Limo popularity grew -and more and more students used limos for proms.
                            1990s       -
  By the late 90's more SUVs ordered than limos. 
                     2001-2006 -
Students realized  it was OK to use any type of vehicle for their prom!                        
- more and more large groups decide on affordable 46 and 52 passenger Coach/Buses.
                         Bus/coaches  very popular for Proms..........affordable 2 x 2 seating
                                                     no more climbing over others to get to your seat!    20, 30 , 46 and 54 passenger size buses. 

 More & more Parents supply an assortment of colorful Balloons for students to take with them
 Balloons delight prom students and   help to make occasion festive while waiting for transportation to arrive.  
 Colorful balloons enhance all photos!
 Create a spectacular Party Bus Experience!
  Toys R Us,  Walmart  and other similar stores sell lights students can hold or pin on to their clothing.
lights flash on and off in different colors  to give effect of a  Party Bus!
 A low-cost Bus offers a  PartBus effect when you combine friends and good music!  

When prom lets out - students experience a true Party Bus  feeling for their ride to the after prom party.
 Remember  it is always a party when you combine a prom, friends,  colorful balloons,  colored  lights and music !

 Bus/Coaches  are cozy & comfy  - 2 by 2 private seating  - bus cost less cost per student than in a limo. 
 If/when parents object to private 2 by 2 seating on bus/coaches - ask them to call office - we'll try to eliminate their fears.

A Touch of Class Limos, everyone at your school, and all parents wish students a fun and safe prom night!   
You've reached an important milestone in your life -
so everyone wants you to enjoy your Prom!
HISTORY - Prom Transportation:
Prom Season in the 1950s and '60s-  there were   no  limos - no cell phones - no lap top computers and no emails!  
Students often borrowed a family car and drove themselves to & from their proms.
Students dreaded the news announcements  offered  on Mondays during  Home Room.   
Students knew  there would be  devastating news of  prom students who died in car crashes the previous weekend........  
Sometimes students were lucky and only had broken arms and legs - others were not so lucky.    

Limos became   popular in the 70's as a means of transportation for prom students.    Students knew how to drive carefully
but they love to jibber-jabber with everyone in the vehicle on a prom night and don't always put all their attention to driving.   

 Parents jibber-jabber as much as Prom students - especially  when adults are out with their friends on NYE and other occasions.

Adults use a designated driver or reserve limos/vans/SUVs/sedans when they go out to celebrate so they don't drink and drive. 
On prom nights - transportation companies are your student's designated driver so they can jibber jabber as much as they want!

 After 9/11,
the limo industry went through many changes.    Corporate used more vans/SUVs/sedans rather than limos and prom students
started to do the same.   In 2002 students started to order SUVs and Vans for Prom Night.     SUVs enjoyed a rapid growth in popularity nationwide.    
 By 2005, students used as many SUVs as they did  limos.   In 2006 bus/coach became popular for Prom Nights.   In 2007 - limo use decreased
and bus/coach transportation for proms increased.      In recent years,  students realized BUS/COACHES cost less per student than any other
vehicle and that still holds true today.
Today - students  use a variety of vehicles  for their proms such as:  sedans,  SUVs,  sleek new style Vans)   limos  and bus coaches! 

Remember - vehicles transport you to/from prom (usually 25 min. or less time).    
You aren't in your vehicle of choice all night! 
Everyone's financial situation is different.   Don't pressure friends/family with high cost transportation!

Invite other classmates to fill your bus/coach in order to.....lower your prom transportation cost!

Prom  event tables seat 8 - 12.    
Prom students can always sit with their own groups during prom!

Section 2:  Parents & Student Info   
First step for students/parents - to make it easier - forward all Prom vehicle info to those in your group!
PARENTS...do you know where your students are going???  Are there parents or other chaperones at each location before and after the prom???   Often students don't realize they are going to "un-chaperoned parties"!    Be patient with students...   it takes time for all of them to talk with one another to decide where they are going and what they will be doing.   Most students have never reserved a vehicle before and they do need your guidance.    Ask schools to release prom information ASAP (date, time, and location).
...do you realize the hurt you cause for your parents and to yourselves by not being where you are supposed to be???    Be patient with Parents...When your parents start asking questions on what you will be doing - talk with them - and ask them to help you with vehicle choices and reservations.   Remember - It is normal for parents to want to know where you'll be.     Avoid  problems/arguments....keep parents posted on all  plans - including Prom Plans!

Pre-Prom Block Party:  We gladly pick-up all passengers at their homes.  However, to save time, we suggest arranging for a Pre-Prom block party at one of the passengers homes.  Everyone can contribute little sandwiches, dips, chips and soda.   Remember  - parents & students want to have the memories captured in photos..... 
A fun get-together for everyone at one location will give everyone extra time for photos!!

We realize that students want to get to their proms as soon as possible, but pictures are a very important part of your evening. Be patient with your parents.

RESERVE  LIMOS as soon as possible.   Don't delay!   There are never enough SUVs and limos on any given Prom NightSeven weeks notice required for prom contract cancellations.  
Refunds where justified are given in service credits only.  
Ask parents to call your school and ask office to release prom information ASAP (date, time, and location).

Section 3: NYS Law re Alcohol/Smoking  and A Touch of Class Policy
Non Alcoholic Champagne
 -  In past years, parents have asked us to supply non-alcoholic champagne with fluted champagne glasses so students can pretend they are having real champagne.  
Of course, we will continue to say "no" to this request because it conveys wrong message to students.

 Students are bubbly enough and can look forward to a fun memorable prom night without having any liquid refreshments in prom vehicles.  
In the past, we did served sodas, but there were too many occasions where prom gowns were stained and/or students spiked  sodas with alcohol. 
We now observe a "no liquid refreshments" policy in our prom vehicles and no one has reported problems because of "thirst".

Please Note:    We've never had a student dehydrate on short trip to prom!

Vehicles do not stop at stores for students.... 

NYS Law - No smoking  in vehicles      Chewing gum not allowed in limos.   It ruins, carpet, tuxedo and beautiful dresses!
 No liquid refreshments allowed with students under 21 years old.    No alcohol allowed anywhere in our vehicles! 
A Touch of Class Policy strongly upholds NYS Law.  

PROM NIGHT IS an important  MILESTONE IN YOUR LIFE - follow rules and you will have great memories!
Duffel & Other bags go in the trunk.    
Chauffeur may hand check/feel  outside of all bags prior to leaving each home.

Section 4:
 Procedure for Reserving Vehicles -  Deposits/Payments/Cancellation/Refunds
After you receive our Rates -  send or bring in deposit and signed   contract  to reserve vehicle

 No cash refund without seven weeks advance notice of cancellation.   Refunds if justified are given only in service credits.
No cash refund after any vehicle accepted and used.


SEND/or bring in  FULL PAYMENT  AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!  Do not delay getting your deposit and full payment in to the office. 
Credit cards must be swiped in office.  Checks  accepted  four (4) weeks or more prior to prom date.   Write Prom date on all checks.  
Most prom payments are in Cash.

All necessary Prom Night information should be sent to A Touch of Class Limos at least 3 weeks prior to Prom night.
 All pick up & final destination address locations, arrival and end times (for pickup, walk in, prom, after prom party) must be emailed
and received in our office at least 3 days prior to prom night. 

Note:   On occasion,  conditions beyond our control
such as:  traffic/weather/previous wedding client running late
may cause us to be a little late.   
However......We  make every effort to arrive on time for all occasions.    

Please  Leave ample time after vehicle arrives before vehicle needs to leave in order to  travel.......to all pick up locations.....
and whatever else students are doing prior to walk in or prom.    
No  refund if notice to cancel is received less than seven weeks before prom.     
Deposits Non-Refundable:   Service Processing fee noted on contract when  timely cancellation notice received.                                                   __________________

Section 5: PROM TRANSPORTATION CHOICES Large bus/coaches more popular than limos and are less cost per student!
Proms have many expenses. Discuss with family and friends   which method of transportation puts the least amount of pressure on everyone’s budget.  

Bus/coaches  VERY POPULAR - COST LESS per student.   - private 2 by 2 seating.......DVD Player  - Bus/coaches are easier to get in and out.  
No climbing over anyone to get to your seat!
    Bus/coaches  very popular ..........20 - 26,  47 and 54 passenger size buses.   
Scroll back up to beginning to see 3 fun short videos on advantages of going in a large group!

 TOO MANY SCHOOLS SCHEDULE THEIR PROMS ON THE SAME DATES.   Therefore availability of limos are limited.    
Often,  more than 15 school  proms are scheduled on same night  causing extreme shortage of limos  on any given prom night!

 Lincoln Town Car Super stretched Limos 
 Late model and  the popular  well maintained Classic Style  Rounded style  mid 90's super stretched limos.  

 photo of nicely maintained Classic Style Lincoln Town Car super stretched white Limo.


1963 Rolls Royce Bentley
Austin Princess - white  (local only)  (Will know by mid-April -if available for 2013 season)
 Last model Rolls & Bentley built together has Rolls Emblem on hood. Seats 2-3 couples depending on weight of individuals.



Section 6:   How to obtain our rates for assortment of vehicles:

Please Email us your  Name, School, Grade, phone number  & # of students in your group and we will send back our rate information.
send  Email to:    atoc@nycap.rr.com

After you receive our  info -  forward our info to all students  in your group.  (Saves time & makes it easier to select a vehicle when all students & parents view all info.)

Most  students bring in a cash deposit to secure vehicle.   Vehicle reserved when deposit & signed contract received. 
Deposits are brought in  every day - so don't hesitate!

Balances due 4 weeks before prom   (unless other arrangements made with office).

We answer phones Mon-Sat after 10am.   All questions & changes during prom season should be emailed to  atoc@nycap.rr.com   .
Seven (7)  weeks cancellation notice required for cash refund minus minimum $400 processing fee.   All deposits are nonrefundable.   
Refunds if deemed justified are only given in service credits.

Students ride in their limo less than 25 minutes to the prom (and less than 25 minutes to after prom party).
Best not to put financial pressure on your friends to reserve expensive rides!

Bus coaches offer low-cost rates and  private 2 x 2 seating.  
Nationwide - Large coach -buses have been
most popular mode of transportation for proms since 2008.  

   A Touch of Class Limos is  not liable for delays/service interruptions or damages caused by acts of God, 
authorities of law,  inclement weather, hazardous road conditions,  accidents or breakdowns or any other condition beyond its control.    

We adhere to a strict "no-bump" policy.


Ideas on how to bring in extra Prom $$$

 IDEAS - to bring in $$$$$$ to help with expenses
Plan ahead and start saving those dollars!

Discuss with parents how to charge for cleaning yards and for car wash.

Idea #1 Clean Yards

START PLANNING EARLY!   Before Spring Break - Circulate flyers in your neighborhoods and ask for work cleaning yards in the spring.   
If   10 in your group for   prom - go together  & deliver Car Wash flyers to EACH STUDENT'S NEIGHBORHOOD. 
Print  on flyer "Help us earn our prom $$$ - Have Rakes, Will Work" .  Include your names and phone #.    Your whole group  will have fun
and each of you  will be amazed on how much money $$$ you can make towards prom expenses.      

Idea #2 Car Wash

Organize a car wash NOW for when the weather gets warmer at the homes of the students who will be sharing your prom vehicle.  Ask parents for permission and help in organizing. Set dates for  venture. Get your cleaning supplies.
Make sure all passengers in your prom vehicle agree to show up  and work on the designated Saturdays. -Set 3 or 4 Saturday dates.  Make up  flyer saying you will clean cars (inside and out) on a particular Saturday.
  GIVE LOCATION  of car wash  - Plan ONE SATURDAY IN EACH STUDENT'S NEIGHBORHOOD so customers can bring cars to you!    (When passing out flyers in a particular area.....Circle the date when you will be in that neighborhood.)

Decide on what you will charge to clean each car. Circulate the flyer to your neighbors. Make sure you have matched the correct date circled for the correct house in a particular student’s neighborhood when distributing flyers.  

Students and parents alike are always surprised how a well-organized Car Wash can help students earn money for your prom. The key is … start early with your plans and be well organized!

 Make sure you state on flyer both services....car wash and yard cleaning AND CONTACT INFO.  

Match students' address/tel#   with   neighborhood so neighbors can recognize name and address of student in their neighborhood.
Just means duplicating flyer  & making sure you  distribute flyer in  same neighborhood as student whose name is on flyer for that neighborhood!
Yes it sounds confusing but it isn't.

Idea# 3

 COMBINE IDEA #1  and  #2 in each neighborhood.     If you have good planning…you’ll make $$$ money. Go for  it!

Every Saturday go to a different neighborhood as soon as spring weather arrives end of March/beginning of April.


Section 8:    Notes &  Refund Policy & Copy of   Contract
1.   Refund policy:   No refund once any vehicle is accepted.
2.   All deposits are non-refundable.   
 Deposit amount is also minimum processing fee.  Processing fee noted on contract.
3.   Easiest for all....if  student organizer of group.... collects money before Spring Break.
4.   Regarding  numbers of hours of use for Prom Vehicles:
       Walk-in /Grand March  take place either at  school or at prom location.   Many schools start as early as 4:30 - 5pm.      
       Proms start  6, 7 & 8pm...... Proms end 10pm, 11pm & Midnight - final drop within one hour  of prom end time. 
       Our Prom Rates are all Split  Rates and cover up to 8 hours - enough time - to get to walk in at school -
       to prom location and to local after prom event!    Since rates are split rates, on occasion we accept transfers while students at prom.
5.   We set our rates in March to cover April-June bus/coach/limo supplier Rates
      which can vary from very low to very high during prom months.

 6.  Students  most often gather at one location.
   Most all transportation companies refer to arrival time as "pick-up" time.
     As Prom vehicle  arrives, families are usually taking photos.
     Once Prom vehicle arrives, groups usually want 15-20 minutes additional time for photos   - before  students need to
     enter  Prom vehicle to leave.  
     Example:   If  group's time of arrival at school is by 5:30pm and  travel time to school takes 20 minutes  from gathering
     location -  a suggested  "Leave-time" would be:  5:05pm - thus  allowing a few extra minutes  for travel.   
     Back  up 15-20 minutes and you have a 4:45pm or possibly 4:35pm  suggested arrival /pick up time  for Prom vehicle..     

A Touch of Class  transfers students to walk-in, Prom & directly to after-Prom school sponsored event or to another pre-arranged     
     location.   All stops pre-arranged.  No unscheduled stops.     
      IF STUDENTS WANT TO CHANGE CLOTHES FOR AFTER PROM EVENT -  best to bring clothes in garment bags and place in trunk
      so students can change at after-prom event. 
       Takes too long if students stop at a house to change before going to after prom party event.

  It is dangerous for drivers to  stop when they are on  highways and Thruways.  
      In Capital Region area highways refer to Rte        85 bypass,  I-90, Thruway, I-88 and I-890, etc.      

     All rates quoted are local split rates up to 8 hours.   If Pick up, prom &/or after prom drop off locations aren't local - there may be a
     distance/time differential charged on any vehicle.  (In error, previously  referred to as a gas surcharge under bus rates .)   

      Many schools schedule a walk-in/grand march  at school and then to prom location.  
       Walk ins /grand march can be either at school or prom location.
       Schools have asked  for Prom students  to arrive as close to start time as possible but most require students to arrive within
       45 minutes of Prom  scheduled start time.   We ask parents and students to help us comply with school's request.

8.    Proms are Milestones -   Students should not leave prom early  because it starts a domino effect and can ruin prom for others.
         After prom.......... students usually saunter out within 20-25 minutes after prom end time.
         Students  need time to say their good nights and saunter to their vehicles.
       Parents inform us as to where to drop students after the prom (usually either at an after prom event or back to their home).
 After prom ends - add travel time to final drop location for approximate arrival  time at final destination.
9.  "After-prom" Events:   It has  become more and more of a tradition nation-wide, for Schools (in cooperation with
PTAs/Parents/Students/local businesses) to arrange and sponsor successful  "official after-prom" events. 
        The most successful "after-prom" events are where schools schedule their first planning meeting  in September!
        Ninth and  tenth  grade students are included  - along with 11th & 12th graders - to help on  "after prom" event
        committee  with PTA reps/Parents/Class Teacher Advisors  and Business reps.  

10.  Advantages of Including students on Planning Committee:
9th and 10th graders helps to keep a continuity of which activities should be kept year to year and which
       activities and other arrangements for "after-prom" event should be either dropped or improved upon.
  All participating
       students  will gain valuable planning experience.
       Prom Committees for both Jr. & Sr. Proms  should also be included in the "after-prom" event planning meetings.

11.  On rare occasions Limo from any company may arrive late.   (Parents - please control your temper & students will stay calm!)
        On occasion  circumstances beyond our control may effect arrival time.  
If and when any situation arises and limo is late - be assured dispatcher working as best as possible to take care of the situation.   
   Be assured driver and dispatcher will do everything possible to get your group to prom as soon as possible.    

      Please - Parents - try to stay calm!

Section 8:  Prom Speaker  & Prom Planning
NEED A PROM SPEAKER at your school?   Teacher-Student Prom Organizers:  Call  Maria Lanides 518-312-8505
Parent Teacher organizations can help by checking with other schools to find out dates of other school proms.
This way your school won't schedule their prom on an already busy prom night. 
Parent Teacher groups  can suggest to schools to release prom information the end of January so
parents and students have more time to plan for their proms.

Call Maria Lanides  518 312-8505
 for help starting  after school Prom Workshop.  
October is best time to start workshops in September  with 10th -12th grade students invited.   Prom Workshop can lead to prom committees.   
Work Shop  topics can be:  1.)  Budgets - Earn, Save, Plan, Spend.  2.) Prom Fundraisers  3.)  Bullying -  Discussions  how  pressuring students to spend more than they can afford for prom night expenses is "Bullying".   4.) Time Management -  help students realize importance to budget time for study, work and play.   Other topics for Workshop are welcomed. Workshop can better prepare student for part time jobs during high school and full time jobs after graduation.    Workshops can make it fun for  students to learn how to be better prepared when they go off to college and for their entire lifetime!

Thank you for contacting us. 
If questions,   Email us at:  atoc@nycap.rr.com
Call 312-8505 for information. (Mon. -Sat.),after 10am


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