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A.  Poems
written by Maria Lanides:    
      God's World 
Message for all year long.  
      Holiday Wish 


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza  
 And a healthy - peaceful and prosperous New Year 2014 for all of us!

B.  Gift Certificate Ideas
  Gift Certificates are much appreciated  any time of year.
 Weddings, Birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day & Graduations
- Bring Mom & New Baby home from Hospital
 Holiday Lights in Washington Park - Albany!
 Reserve Limo Cruise date ASAP & enjoy the lights!    
C.   Annual List of  our much requested  Fun Holiday Gift  Ideas
    Christmas   - Chanukah (Hanukkah)   - Kwanzaa

    Turning Stone Casino   -  arrange a trip for your group -  Limos or Buses
             (Bus groups include Free $25 Game Card & Free $5 Food Credit included).

***  To obtain Rates.... Email date, time, pick up address & # of passengers,
Destination and when planning to leave destination!



 Please scroll down - lots to read!

  A.  Two (2) Poems

  God's World -    by Maria Lanides
During the holidays (or any time of year)  If you know anyone who feels down or alone.......- please send them this reminder.   

 You don't have to be alone - keep  reminding yourself.
    Whenever you feel blue, it's always best to talk with someone.  We all have our down moments  I dare to say -

     but right now you have the power to  make it OK. 

    You are never alone   - keep reminding yourself. 
    Remember - God knows somewhere a friend or loved one is waiting for you -

    who may also need to laugh, to cry, to hug or possibly to pray. 

    Friends want to know you feel ok so always remember it is important
    to express your feelings and say to someone -   "I'm feeling down."      

    Dial their number - start talking  and chatter away - at any time of night or day. 

    No matter the reason - without delay - you must tell someone you are in a dark place.   
    If you feel hopeless, remind yourself -  it's never too late to reach out and talk to someone. 

    Make the effort  -  because it absolutely matters as to what you have to say.

    Who knows?   God's purpose for you this very day - might be to help someone else and  the words you use -
     might certainly help to "make their day".
    Unless you speak up  and state how you feel - you will never know if  you could have made a difference to someone else -
    even  if only in  a unique small way.
   You don't have to be  alone - keep reminding yourself.
    The  decision  you make during this timeless moment in
God's World could result in tears

    or... could create waves of smiles and endless love for countless individuals who care for you!  
   You are never alone - keep reminding yourself.



  A Holiday Wish    -   Poem by Maria Lanides

Tis' the season to forgive and to make amends.   
 Tis' the season to enjoy family and friends.
Tis' the season to again rely on "A Touch of Class Transportation"  for fair rates....
   as you've done for 26 years ...  but you already know that since you are such a smarty!

  Tis' the season to rejoice and to be on time - for any type of party!
so email us now to reserve a bus, Escalade,  limo, or sedan - and you won't be  tardy!


  Tis' the season
of many types of miracles which make us sigh and sigh!!
  Tis'  the season of 
somber reminders not to drink and drive -  oh my oh my!
Tis' also the season of 
long ... court appearances ... for speeding and … D W I
So don't forget - tickets mean costly fines - high enough to make you cry!

  For Goodness Sake, don't drink and drive -
we want you to enjoy family and friends and a few pieces of holiday pie!

  We also want you to be alive next year to read this
Holiday Wish... all over again...
  so at this point ... all that is left for us to say is .... Amen!



Gift Certificate Ideas for Mom & new Baby: 
Treat new Mom & baby to a limo ride home from Hospital!  Great Gift Idea!
   Dinner Certificates  - for Delivery by Grandparents when they arrive  to see
               and help with new baby!    
       3.  Purchase Dinner Certificates to have food delivered :  Chinese - Pizza   - Subs 
Holiday Gift Certificates  
Below is our  Annual "popular"  List of Fun Ideas
Treat someone you love....to a "Touch of Class!"
Check it twice:    Great Gift Idea for everyone on your list
School children - Reward accomplishments  with a Limo ride home after school!
 Describe gift certificate in a Card.   

 14  Fun Gift Ideas  -  for Christmas - Hanukkah - Kwanzaa
Package with  Limo or Sedan     Ask & we'll help with ideas/reservations!

   Parents & Grandparents would love Gift Certificates to their favorite restaurant!
"Make their Day" - Surprise them and show up at dessert time!

2)  Casino   -day/evening 
dinner & weekday movie tickets  
 day at Flat Track 
5)  tickets for summer cruise on the Hudson
Reserve a low-cost Limo Cruise  
thru  Holiday Lights in the Park!
a delightful & memorable experience
      Albany's Washington Park   open 6pm - 11pm. Nov. 23 - Jan. 4 , 2013  

Doors open 6pm at Park.        Pick-ups begin at 5 or 5:30pm - Mon. - Thurs.-
Depending on your location - time used can be 1-1/2, 2, 3 or more hours.   usually 20-25  minutes to go through park
      Lake house 15-20 min. for souvenirs, snacks and/or hot chocolate.  

7)  Pizza &  local Mall shopping  

8) Ride home by Limo  from school

9)  Prom & Wedding transportation - Gift Certificates much appreciated!

  Low-Cost - Holiday Gift Favorite!
Relaxing & fun "Spa Experience" -  
Austin Beauty School:  massage/pedicure/manicure/hair
Select just a massage or decide on the "ultimate" whole package.
We can make Spa Appointment for you!   Affordable enough to go back again & again.  

11)  Gift Certificates for holidays, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, bridal Shower, etc... 
Bring the new “mom” and “baby” home by limo from the hospital! 
Honor the “retiree” with a ride home from work!
Gift Certificate from Bridal Party to give at Bridal Shower!

 12) "Personalize Limo Packages"
& combine for
lunch/dinner, shopping, movies/theatre, beauty shop/day spa, medical appointments.

13)   Low Cost Sedan Transfers for Parents/Grandparents   
Our Sedans are a few steps above a Taxi
Treat a loved one to a low-cost ride  + gas. tips driver and tolls
 We take them to appointments on time!  Doctors  -  Hair & Nail Salon - Shopping!

14) Take family on a low-cost Limo Cruise to & from Ice Skating
 a) Empire State Plaza  (open 11-8pm every day)  $3 skate rental at ESP.
b)  Swinburne Park in Albany (Clinton Ave. & Manning Blvd.)
 $2 skate rental.   November - March
Weekdays 3-5pm & 7-9:30pm   Saturdays 3-5pm & 7-10pm    Sundays 12:30-5pm  & 7-9:30pm


D.  Turning Stone Casino   (see below)      
  Plan a  Bus Trip  for your group!
Only $36/psg   if 40 passengers  (organizer receives 2 free seats)   
 FREE $25 playing Card & $5 Food Credit included.  
 Meet by Friday's at  Stuyvesant Plaza 8:45am - Leave Casino 4:30 - 5pm   
 Email  ASAP  - We can help you fill a bus!


E.  Holiday Shopping,
 NYC - Boston Outlet  - Outlet stores    Small - Large Groups.
 $39  - each of 45 passengers - Great Price for bus-coach-charters!


We appreciate your order.   Thank you!
 Always Reserve   limos - sedans - bus/coaches - Escalades
(20 pax)  in advance.

To obtain Rates.... Email  atoc@nycap.rr.com
include:  Occasion, date, start/end time, pick up address, # passengers & destination!

Hanukkah - Merry Christmas - Happy Kwanzaa
and A HEALTHY, Peaceful and Prosperous  New Year 2014.



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