-  Prom Contract  -   School _______________      Day of Wk____         PROM DATE _______
114 S. Manning Blvd. Albany, NY 12203            E-mail:          Tel. (518)  312-8505          Prom Rates are Split Rates      
Pax - abbreviation for passenger.    You may bring receipt for driver to sign when  Gas /cash tip given  on arrival -    drivers always appreciate a little extra.                      
All Prom Local Split Package Rates are cash discounted 8%  & cover up to 8 hours from pick up to final drop time.  

COLLECT $$$ EARLY.  Bring cash deposit to office to reserve.   Cash balance due 3 weeks before  prom.    Gas/driver tip  in cash on arrival.     
STUDENT                                                                                                               STUDENT                                       STUDENT
NAME   ___________________________________             Cell  ____________          Email _______________________________
Parent                                                                                                       Home                          Parent                          Parent 
NAME___________________________________________          Tel ____________   Cell _____________   E-Mail___________________________    

 Split pkg. means we transfer students to walk-in, to prom location and return after prom ends  to take them to after-prom location  (If pick up/final drop/prom locations not local Albany - Check w/office
for Possible Extra charge). 
We reserve our right to substitute vehicle or to lease equipment from other companies  in order to fulfill this agreement.  We use 6  of most reliable companies
in  area to fill requests. 
If vehicle cancelled w/proper written notification & we rent out  vehicle, we'll reduce the proc. fee.     

1.    Deposits Non-Refundable: See deposit amt on Rate Sheet.  Any cancellation: Minimum Processing fee $400 Limos/SUV/VAN-$450 15 + pax vehicle.      
2.    Reserve vehicle w/Deposit & SIGNED contract ASAP.   Collect $$$ in advance.    Difficult  to Collect $$$  closer to prom time!    
Spend wisely! 
3.    Refund Policy
No cash refund after vehicle accepted/used on  prom night or if cancelled w/less than 8 weeks advance written notice.

4.    Refunds, if and when justified are offered to students in form of local service time on  a Mon.-Thurs. & if available  on a Fri..  
5.    Checks accepted 6 wks before prom.  Full payment due 3 wks before prom. All Split Prom rates cash discounted 8%.
+ 4%  on credit card payments.                                      

6.    No Smoking/Beverages/no Gum  allowed in vehicles.   Always drink  water  at home before leaving  TO STAY COOL. 

7.    On occasion, AC may not work well  in a vehicle - Stay calm -  and you'll feel cooler  during short ride to prom.

8.     A Touch of Class Limos not liable for any loss sustained as result of weather,  traffic delays, mechanical failure or  other conditions beyond their control.
9.    Drivers go only  by contract to photo location, walk-in, to prom & to one final drop location. All stops pre-arranged.       No  unscheduled stops.
10.  All After Prom CHANGE OF CLOTHES bags / carry-on bags & unopened soda/water go in trunk.                     
11.  After Prom change of clothes.  Place garment bag in trunk to change at after prom event.  Not enough time to change at another location  before after prom event.                                       
Students transferred to Walk-in and dropped at their prom.  We return after prom ends to transfer students directly to Local pre-arranged After-Prom address.  
13.   Don't bully students to spend for high cost transportation.  Low cost per student Bus-Coach  adds fun to Prom Night!  You can still sit with your group at Prom!

***Pick-up Location ____________________________________                __Park    __House    __ School         PICK-UP Time  ________ ***
____ Time School Walk-in/Grand March/Gawking Hour    _____ Prom  Start  time   -   _____Prom End time - Groups often picked up at parks - great for photos! 

Schools request students   arrive  within  10 -15  minutes  of Prom  start time. PROM LOCATION    __________________________  Most  Students saunter out 15-20 minutes after prom ends. 
 Vehicle is not considered late if arrives within 20 min. of prom end time.   Usually 1am deadline to after-prom event.  Drivers meet students in enough time to get students to after prom event on time.
Is After-Prom Location at School ? ___yes ___no     -       ___ OTHER  After Prom final drop  Location  ______________________________________  
Prom to final drop location usually within 25-30  minutes.  Bring garment bags- change clothes at after prom event.  Not enough time to change at other location prior to after prom event.
Check  vehicle  CHOICE:    __ Bus-coach modern/comfortable/private 2 x 2 seating. More students = less cost/student & more fun!            Rate/student  $____             

  __   Sedan 2-4 pax    __SUV  4-6 pax    __ VAN 4-6 pax  __ 4- 6 pax Classic '63 Bentley Princess      ____    # students                      
 Limos   __10  pax  Classic mid-90s rounded style - 2 Photos on website  Home page  - a prom favorite       -           Late Model       __8 __ 10  ( __12 pax available on occasion )   
___18-20 pax white Escalade  ___24 pax Black turtle top Limo Bus    __yellow school bus.         Call office for rates not listed.

Students transported to walk-in/prom. Vehicle returns
after prom to transfer group to one pre-arranged local final drop location within 25-30 minutes of prom).
   Prom Rates                           4% ins                                              8% Sales Tax                                                               Minus  Deposit         Due  3 weeks before Spring  proms   
Vehicle Cost   $_______  +  $ _____   =  $______   +  $______         =  Total  $________   -  $_______            =     Balance  $_______

Bus coaches/Escalade   +  6%  distance/time charge for certain areas $_________       -  NO Sales Tax  vehicles for 15  passengers

Method:  ___  cash  ___ Credit Card   ___                           checks  accepted 5 wks in advance    
All Prom Split
Rates are cash discounted 8%.     to Pay  - by credit card   Amount $  ______  +  $____ 4%  = Total to Process $________
NAME on                                                                                                                                

Credit Card  ____________________________________________         Security Code          AMEX front side  _____   MC/VISA /Discover back side _____           
 Address ___________________________                                                                                                                                                                                               
 City __________        Zip   ________        Credit Card #
  ____________________________________________     Exp. Date ______   
CANCELLATION POLICY:  Deposit amount is also minimum processing fee + sales tax  for all cancellations.   We reserve our right to lease equipment from other companies and/or substitute another vehicle in order to fulfill this agreement. 

If   necessary in emergency situation to substitute a vehicle  to get students to prom events- no basis for parent to request refund.  We cannot guarantee assignment of requested drivers or vehicles. Our company shall not be liable for items left on vehicle or for loss of time or lateness, 
 due to mechanical failure,  bad weather or other conditions beyond our control.   A Touch of Class Limos  not responsible for passengers exiting/entering vehicle.   By signing below - contracted party is in full agreement of terms/conditions of this contract/order confirmation.  
If Ac/heat in  vehicle doesn't  work properly -  Most times all equipment (radio, etc.) can be remedied w/fuse or quick AC charge - otherwise it is a condition beyond our control.   No Drugs tolerated. No alcoholic beverages  if and when minors are in any vehicle.
I understand If  order cancelled without appropriate advance written notice - all charges will be processed.  With proper written cancellation notice - minimum $400 processing fee on Limos.  A Touch of Class Limos not liable for any loss
 sustained as result of weather,  traffic delays, mechanical failure or  other conditions beyond their control. 
I understand once vehicle accepted and used,  there is no refund and all damages caused by passengers will automatically be processed
 on credit card.  I understand radio & other Equipment doesn't just fall out in pax area unless pulled or kicked.  My  signed contract/deposit/payment acknowledges my acceptance of this agreement.
Card Holder                                                                                 Parent                                                                                   A Touch of Class Limos Rep
_______________________________             Signature _____________________________              Signature  ________________________________ 
 call (518) 312-8505 before Faxing Contract  & we'll  turn machine on to accept fax.  /Windows photo gallery - doesn't print well if emailing to us.                 
Deposit & signed contract required to reserve vehicle -  Final Payment due  3 weeks prior to Spring Proms.    



Air Conditioning (Realities)


Eighteen and twenty-six years ago, - if at the last minute   AC didn't work - we would cancel vehicle and customer as well as our company suffered.    Prom students were angry we cancelled.
We've learned - Vehicles are machines and as such -  even though we practice preventative maintenance we can’t promise AC will always work well in  vehicles.   If AC doesn’t work or doesn’t work properly……. Stay calm and you will still have a wonderful  Prom,  Wedding,  or trip to Saratoga

Now – experience tells us – no matter what…..get to  customer and transport them as best as possible.    If there’s a problem with AC – we no longer cancel a limo  -  because it's still most important to get to  customer and transfer them to their  important event…….with or without AC working properly.  

Of course we all want AC and most of the time  AC works most all the time in all vehicles.  AC in large vehicles (10 psg and larger) it's another story.  We've learned that by opening the front windows and opening back windows just a bit to circulate air  -  we can still get bride/groom to ceremony/reception or students to their prom - with minimal discomfort – with a breeze generated from the open front windows.
 (Don't open back window too much so breeze doesn't mess hair!)

AC always  seems to work great in our  Sedans, Vans and  SUVs.   However - in larger 10 passenger and larger vehicles - including coach/buses- AC  at times present  problems.   Everyone’s body temperature goes up a little on prom and wedding days…so make sure you drink  water before leaving home and you'll stay cooler no matter what!. 


When  doors open  ….    heat in winter rushes out  and in warm months cool air rushes out.   Your limo can take 5-7 minutes to cool down  or heat up again.   

For Weddings and Proms….On days with high humidity, If you have 8 in an eight  passenger or 10 in a ten passenger – the back compartment may not feel as cool as you’d like it to feel even after 10 minutes. Stay calm.   On hot days  the back compartment feels warmer because peoples body temp effects coolness because of number of passengers.   On hot days with high humidity 20 minutes isn't always enough time to cool back compartment if 8-10 passengers.   This is indeed a reality transportation companies must state to customers.     A door opens and all cool air or heat rushes out.   In winter - all heat can rush out even a window is open for just  a few minutes.

A fan can stop blowing the cool air or heat at any time.   This is a machine part.   On high humidity days, very warm  days the fan over works and then stops.  On Feb. 7, 2010 - with 0-5 degree weather after 1am  in Saratoga our back fan froze and didn't start working again until next day.   Same with new or old AC fans...they over heat and then stop working.    On occasion a Limo goes over a pot hole which causes a fuse to loosen and the AC stops.   Most of the time….AC will go back on a little while later.   There is no cash refund when AC doesn't work properly.   


On high temperature days where humidity is also high....AC system gets over worked and often completely stops working.    Leaks in the system can occur at any time in new and older vehicles.   When clients first enter a limo, they are anxious and click all buttons.   Quite often the problem is that the heat button is pressed instead of AC.   Sometimes driver can add coolant to AC and that does the trick -   sometimes it doesn't.


AC should be turned off when limo is idling.   Sometimes a client demands that the driver keep the AC on while idling 5 minutes.    When we do this….most often  the compressor dies and then we are without AC  the rest of the day and night.   The compressor can break on a new vehicle just as easy as on an older vehicle.  AC is a never ending problem for limo and bus  companies and that’s why we talk about it up front!


No matter what preventative maintenance we do, AC is unpredictable and when problems occur, we ask driver and passengers to stay calm.   When AC stops  working – drivers get all upset as well as passengers.    Drivers will open both front windows… all the way… to allow  maximum breeze to circulate through to the back to make everyone as comfortable as possible.   In this situation, back windows should also be opened no more than  1 in. so that air is pulled from  front windows and circulates better.   We don't encourage opening  back windows more than 1  inch so that hair styles can stay intact.   


Very rarely does AC fail but when it does......If everyone stays calm……you’ll feel the breeze from the drivers windows.    No one can predict when AC will fail.   On most wedding days and prom nights, there usually isn’t a replacement limo available.   If there is…..we most certainly try to exchange limos….if time and distance permits.


AC is the one aspect of the limo/bus business that is a problem  every year during warm weather for all  transportation companies.   After 24 years of experience,  we feel it is most important to address the AC problems up front.   When everyone stays calm………you’ll feel the heat much less… than when you let yourself get angry and upset.   Stay calm…and before you know it….you’ll be at your destination!  

In the heat….drivers get uncomfortable as well and try to do  everything possible to keep you comfortable.   Vehicles leave garage with heat and AC working.


True story.  A number of years ago, AC was not up to par in one of our limos on the way to the ceremony at a famous hotel in Saratoga.  During ceremony we found out limo  only needed more coolant.     
The groom’s mother  angrily called us  and offered a few threats and a great deal more!   We  explained - it was beyond our control when a part breaks and we promised to  have a vehicle with AC at the church to take group to reception.  
When we got back to church with another limo with AC working,  we discovered groom's mother ordered another limo   - and to get back at us-  she did so without letting us know! Remember, Vehicles are machines!   On the day mentioned above,
the humidity was as high as  temperature.   During their reception when it was time to   announce the newlyweds - just as dinner was about to be served……the hotel’s air conditioning units also stopped working   because the humidity was so high.  

Groom’s mother was again upset
   However,  bridal party and all  guests shrugged it off.  They all  had a great time. 
I was invited to  wedding but was deeply saddened by the vengeance displayed by the groom's mother when she stated family didn't want me to attend reception because  AC  didn't work well on way to ceremony. 
 I can only imagine how she reacted to the  Hotel management in Saratoga.

Moral of the story is….. AC can go at any moment in any vehicle or building.  
Drink water before leaving - it really helps you stay cool - whether you have AC or not!… if you stay calm….you'll soon be having a great time on the short trip to your event.

REFUNDS  - Vehicles  leave garage with  AC (or heat) working.   After vehicle accepted  & used - Refunds, if and when justified,  are given only in form of service credits.   Cash refunds are not given when something goes wrong and the AC or heat  stops working.    As a courtesy to let passengers know the company understands….A Touch of Class Limos and most other companies    give courtesy service credits when deemed appropriate.   If we don't show up for service - a cash refund is justified.   If something happens and we must end  service - yes  a partial cash refund would be justified.   
Certain types of problems deserve a refund, if and when justified, refunds are  only given  in form of service credits.   We want our passengers happy.   We work with people, machines, traffic and weather.  
We do proper maintenance but parts/machines do break and we never know when.  Often we cannot repair heat or AC problem until next day. 


Many  Prom goers  have told us they wished they had selected a lower weight gown for their   Prom .    Keep weight of gown (& season) in mind when shopping for gowns -especially for events  May – Oct..    
on’t crowd your group in warm months!


We consider timeliness and safety in traveling - the most important issues.    It is not feasible to keep an extra limo in the garage just in case something goes wrong or ceases to function in a vehicle.   Sometimes – on way to a pick up or during service - AC or something else can cease to work.    We are not happy when a mechanical  part doesn't work properly.   Vehicles are machines and machines can develop problems at any time.    As stated in the beginning of this memo - "18 - 25 years ago, -   when AC didn't work - we would cancel  limo.   Customer and  our company did suffer."   However, we've realized  customers much happier when we show up instead of cancelling because something happened to AC.        

We certainly appreciate your order, patience and understanding.   Thank you.